Sunday, February 2, 2014

"NIMBYS" at BNIM in Kansas City

Come see new stuff and some old favorites at BNIM, 106 W. 14th St., Kansas City, MO (in the historic Power & Light Building). The show continues through March 28th.

This will be my second show at BNIM (who could resist those giant windows?). The first in 2009 included a series of images about cell phone etiquette like this -

This time the focus is on NIMBYS (not in my backyard types) and the creatures human and otherwise (like this critter below) out to challenge them.

NIMBYS at 14th & Baltimore

Developers at the Wakarusa Wetlands, Monkeywrencher, Pest Revenge

Duel, Copperhead

Cleaning up Topeka (diptych)

Making Way for the New Arts District (diptych)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Interview with Nicholas Ward

Check out this exclusive Pif Magazine interview with friend and inspiration Nicholas Ward.