Friday, May 28, 2010

Tonkawa - Behind the Scenes II

In the final days of painting, we've been challenged by obstacles - some of our own making and others from ... above. First, and most terrifying have been the Buffalo GNATS. Nothing will repel them - not bug spray, vanilla extract, skin so soft, after-shave, alcohol, or patchouli - all of which have been offered as sure fire remedies.

The gnats go for moisture. Nicholas is seen here in a
losing attempt to keep them from going up his nose.

Another obstacle to painting has been the ever increasing time allotted to socializing with the locals. It seems they enjoy (and we, wanting to fully understand Tonkawa culture, must oblige them) leisurely meals accompanied by tumbleweeds, red wine, and (you got make it to believe it) egg coffee.

Recently, to the chagrin of our adopted feline Gustav Ruffkat, a number of these gatherings have taken place atop the roof of the Tonkawa Funeral Home (seen above) where we have been staying in the beautiful "Rest in Peace" bed and breakfast.

We also have been diverted away from our primary duty by a higher calling - escorting turtles off of major and minor roadways onto safe turtle territory. This is easy enough when it comes to box turtles and red-eared sliders. Snapping turtles are another matter.

Be aware if you're ever faced with the task of moving a snapper, there is a wrong way to handle this reptile. In fact the only way to insure that you'll come out of the experience with all ten digits on your hands is illustrated above.

And as there is more to look at on the wall, there have been more and more visitors who stop by to give us their two-cents about what should, could, or definitely should not be in the mural. But the quickest we've set down our brushes was in response to a slender hissing snake in the sky just west of the mural site.

This little tw
ister or 'twinkie' as some people around here call them, appeared from an isolated little cell that blew up at the end of a sweltering day. We watched it dance over Tonkawa, trying to land, but never quite having the juice to find the ground. It was mesmerizing and beautiful, and looked almost like it had a mind of its own - a cloud with an idea about what it wanted to be.

Fortunately, even in light of all these necessary distractions, and mostly on account of my great assistants Amber and Nicholas and remarkable community support, the mural is almost finished. The dedication will be Thursday, June 3rd at 6 pm. You're all invited.


Ric said...

The artists that produced this must be the most talented artists that I have ever seen. The finished product has made the wall come to life.
I wish the artists all the best on their next adventure.
Signed - Amber's Dad- Ric

Lacy said...

I agree with the post above. The work looks awesome and love the idea and the community effort behind it.

Signed - Amber's Favorite Sister - Lacy

JOhn said...

Is egg coffee AKA Cowboy coffee?